Friday, November 19, 2010

Natty Muñoz - designer- Winner of Flashmode 2009


The last friday 12 Lima had one of most important events of fashion and designers contest. The Flashmode Designers Contest 2010. This event was made by the general production of Alianze Francaise of Lima and with the Project Direction of Juan D'Ambrossio and Maellé Stéphant . The executive production and organization by Isabel Sanchez, the runaway of this wonderfull contest of top designers and new designers finished last weekend, the Flashmode in Lima end version 2010.

Natty Muñoz- winner of Flashmode 2009
Start the extraordinary runaway , i will show you here in this blogs the photos and webs like of fashion tv,,,, www. ,, will be hosted the photos of this amazing fashion contest.

The next following top designers presents a luxurious, fantastic and beauty collection of creative dresses. (same order of brouchure of flashmode arquimoda 2010).

Susan Wagner
Amaro Casanova - Winner of Flashmode 2010
Mencía Olivera
Sonia Lozada
Marino Mixán
Alessandra Petersen
Evelyn Bergelund
Rubén Gamarra
Wendy Wunder
Jenny Duarte

The another part of the contest consist in new fashion and creative designers like the following persons: ( same order like brouchure of flashmode 2010) :

Carla Reaño
Denisse Távara
Sandra Fernández
Ana Claudia Jaramillo
Katharine Puga - Winner of Flashmode Creative 2010 - Rey Zips
Michelle Álvarez
Pía Ojeda - Winner of New Designer Flashmode 2010 - Three Prizes
Katia Nakamura
Diego Labrín
Anís Samanez
Karem Reaño
Levi Exaltacion

No more words . I show you the photos of the flashmode . A photo is better than a thousands of words. And enjoy the inspiration of creatives artists in fashion clothes , peruvians designers.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fernando Muñoz - Photography

This is my blog where i will upload the photos of my photographic session with models, music, gastronomy and some personals like landscape, arquitectural and others.
I hope that every photo that i put here will be like for all and i only express with my images my passion : the photography this is a gift that i love to do and i can live with it.
Sometime i will put some photos of backstage and casual photos of the models, all the photography are copyright and can not use under permission of the model and me.
I will put here the location where the photos will be do it and make up artist, stylist and producer and assistant if i have , all the team are the best always with the same passion and love to our job, all my team , my staff are artist and we try to do the best. Thanks a lot to visit this blog and if you want comment or write always with respect please and the best wishes for all always for ever and ever. Bless all , hugs and kisses.
Fernando Muñoz